Operation Jumpstart

4A’s Foundation established Operation Jumpstart V in 2016 as a five-year program to continue providing financial assistance to aspiring multicultural art directors and copywriters. It is a continuation of Operation Jumpstart I (1997-2000), Operation Jumpstart II (2001-2005), Operation Jumpstart III (2006-2010) and Operation Jumpstart IV (2011-2015).

We’re asking you to join the agencies that have supported OJS over the past two decades and commit to changing the makeup of our industry. No matter the size of your agency you can enable talented students to pursue a career in our industry. By donating, you will be able to help OJS Scholars change our industry.

As a creative industry that thrives on fresh thinking and innovation it's critical that we take advantage of every opportunity to engage the type of diverse talent that can keep our work relevant and impactful. Now more than ever we need to come together to support diverse talent at every point in their career.

OJS’s efforts make a bigger impact when we have the support of everyone in our industry.



  • Are currently registered as an incoming graduate or portfolio school student at one of the six designated OJS IV portfolio schools or a full-time junior at one of the designated OJS IV colleges:  

    • VCU BrandCenter

    • Creative Circus

    • Miami Ad School

    • Portfolio Center

    • Pratt Institute

    • University of Texas at Austin

    • Minneapolis College of Art & Design

    • Art Center College of Design at Pasadena

    • Savannah College of Art and Design

  • Are African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Biracial or Multiracial

  • Have no means or limited financial means

  • Show high potential as a creative thinker

  • Are a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.

  • Maintain good academic standing and progression as determined by one's school*

*An OJS scholar awardee may retain their scholarship if they transfer within the OJS school network or change to a different advertising creative program within the same school. If the scholarship recipient transfers to a non-OJS sanctioned school or leaves/fails to complete the program they were enrolled in at the time of the award the scholarship will be revoked.


Recent Past Scholars


Adenike Akinbisehin, Miami Ad School, Art Direction
Waner Almeida, Miami Ad School, Art Direction
Humberto Belli, Miami Ad School, Copywriting
Dennis Chen, VCU Brandcenter, Copywriting
Naila Costa, Miami Ad School, Copywriting
Joshua Gherghel, VCU Brandcenter, Art Direction
Nancy Martinez, Miami Ad School, Art Direction
Matthew Neylon, VCU Brandcenter, Copywriting
DeJuan Turner, Creative Circus, Art Direction
Barbara Valle, Miami Ad School, Art Direction     


Charles Dobbin, VCU, Copywriting  
Fola Fayanjuola, MAS, Copywriting
Jennifer Garcia, MAS, Art Direction
Leeya Jackson, MAS, Art Direction
Santiago Lastra, MAS, Art Direction
Andres Tamayo, MAS, Art Direction
Lauryn Tillery, UT at Austin, Art Direction
Sean Watts, MAS, Copywriting
Anna Xiques, MAS, Copywriting
Paul You, MAS, Copywriting


Juan Rodriguez-Rivera, Pratt, Art Direction
Wei-Te Shyu, Pratt, Art Direction
Paul Boupha, MAS, Copywriting
Candace Queen, UT, Art Direction
Dorado Quick, VCU, Copywriting
Edward Miller, MAS, Copywriting
Evan Burton, MAS, Copywriting
Rachna Batra, Pratt, Art Direction
Melanie Matlock, VCU, Copywriting
Jacqueline Manoharan, Pratt, Art Direction