Eileen Benwitt is a human resources leader who has transformed each of the organizations she has worked with, using her cutting-edge approach to human resources best practices. In addition to many of the typical tasks that one would expect from a senior human resources executive, Eileen’s focus is on creating unmatched experiences for those who work within her organizations.

Her approach focuses on working with Millennials to understand their diverse needs and how to cater to them. She believes that it’s important to make sure that employees have the highest level of job satisfaction possible, which she often achieves by challenging what was and creating what could be. It is Benwitt’s hope that those who work for her organizations consider the environments that she creates the best of their careers.

To meet the individual person’s needs, Benwitt became an Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching certified career coach. With her certification, she has been able to help those she works with understand what they need to do to take their careers to the next level.

Eileen Benwitt also focuses on enriching the entire person — not just their career experiences. She encourages employees to starts clubs and organizations related to their interests whether they’re fitness related or philanthropic organizations. She has helped bring wellness-related practices like meditation and nutrition counseling to Horizon Media as well. These investments, she says, make employees feel like the company is looking out for its best interests.

It is Eileen Benwitt’s hope that the human resources department is not considered an entity onto itself, but an interwoven piece within the organization. At Horizon Media, she has created an environment that reflects the evolution of flexibility of how we can work, highlighting the importance of collaboration and nurturing relationships.