Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship

Established in 1998 by DDB Worldwide, the Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to to creatively talented, culturally diverse students seeking an education in copywriting, art direction and design at designated colleges and portfolio schools.  Scholarship recipients are selected by DDB Chief Creative Officers, Creative Directors, Talent Managers, and Creative Service Managers across the U.S.

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Applications due by MONDAY, July 9, 2018, 11:59pm EST

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Angela Zou, School of Visual Arts
Chris Onesto, Art Center College of Design
Rhea Lelina Manglapus, School of Visual Arts


Eunhye Kim, School of Visual Arts
Alexander J. Belgrave, VCU Brandcenter
Joshua Namdar, Miami Ad School


Sef Chang, Art Center College of Design
Rebecca Lim, School of Visual Arts
Gabriela Martinez, Miami Ad School


Camilo Galofre, School of Visual Arts
Hyui Yong Kim, School of Visual Arts
Donna Kwon, School of Visual Arts


Aki Chang, Miami Ad School
Daniel Berenson, Miami Ad School
Maria Meehan, Art Center College of Design


Jaime McQuilkin, Creative Circus
Nayoon Levitin, Creative Circus
Logan Cantu, Creative Circus
Melissa Hernandez, Miami Ad School
Nadia Payan, Miami Ad School


Brandon Holmes, Miami Ad School
Justin Chung, Miami Ad School
Josephine Yatar, Miami Ad School
Timothy Yuen, VCU Brandcenter
Mitos Soriano Corpuz, Art Center


Euan Au, Art Center
Diana Chen, Art Center
Alex Jeon, VCU Brandcenter
Gong Liu, VCU Brandcenter
Kyle WaiLin, VCU Brandcenter


Olivia Rios, Miami Ad School
Roy Torres, Miami Ad School
Marques Gartrell, Creative Circus
Thembi Lassiter, Creative Circus
Eric A. Larkin, VCU Brandcenter


Nate DeLeon, VCU Brandcenter
Tanya Frank, Portfolio Center
Tomoko Izumoto, VCU Brandcenter
Jennifer Lui, VCU Brandcenter
Yelan Tong, Miami Ad School


Clarence Ford, VCU Brandcenter
Mona Hasan, VCU Brandcenter
Jacqueline Jung, Art Center
Jenny Liu, Miami Ad School
Amy Beth Narvaez, VCU Brandcenter


Erica Aaron, Portfolio Center
Luis Iglesias, Creative Circus
Carolina Labi, Miami Ad School
Bonnie Lutz, VCU Brandcenter
Apakron Prapruttrakul, VCU Brandcenter


Andrea Augustin, Miami Ad School
Nicole Neely, Creative Circus
Kimberley Kohatsu, VCU Brandcenter
Robin Randolph, VCU Brandcenter
Barbara Gallant, Portfolio Center


Stephen Sunghak Lee, Portfolio Center
Katia Rojas, Miami Ad School
Keith Ross, Creative Circus
Derrick Webb, VCU Brandcenter


Jessica Boylston, Miami Ad School
Marco Carr, Portfolio Center
Antoine Harris, Creative Circus
Monica Taylor, VCU Brandcenter


Trevor Blake, VCU Brandcenter
Kevin Kaminishi, Miami Ad School
Lance McBride, Creative Circus
Claudine Moreno, Portfolio Center


Eugene Fuller, Miami Ad School
Kevin Robinson, VCU Brandcenter


Angelica Cadena, Miami Ad School